Masonry houses

They can be:
  • one level house
  • one level and mansard house
  • two levels house
  • three levels house
In Republic of Moldova the masonry houses can be built in a short time and with an high resistance, thanks to reinforced concrete and prefabricated elements. Other requirements are also met:
  • thermal requirements
  • hygienic requirements
  • sound insulation
Building's life time can reach more than 50 years.

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About Us

Our team make civil and industrial projects, respecting an high quality standards of the project and future building. Projects are made in accordance with the law, by professionals in Architecture.

Modern visions and ability to work in a record time allow us to present you a variety of proposals, from which remains only to choose one. Ideas and projects developed by us are in steps with the global trends in the design, having qualities like aesthetic, functional, environmental, economic, as well as strength and stable behavior of the construction in future time.

The price for designing is formed according to the index "square meter" and the specifics of building. The project is recommendable to be initiated in autumn, because in spring the construction can be started.

Any project of any complexity is waited by us and will be for us a new challenge!

We will respond you with high professionalism around the clock.

High quality designing is also assured by computer programs used by us: Autodesk Revit Architecture and Autodesk 3ds Max Design - world leaders in this area, plus other smaller applications, the combination of which brings so necessary clarity and precision in the final projects.